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Priscilla Curtains With Attached Valance

This combo of vintage Curtains and Attached Valance will add a touch of luxury to each room, the Valance system ensures the Valance never falls apart, while the Curtains keep you feeling bright and fresh. This piece is an excellent substitute to add a touch of luxury to evey décor.

Criss Cross Curtains Attached Valance

Our criss cross Curtains are top-notch solution for your home, With our valanced curtains, you can enjoy the fresh look of the new year. The poly cotton blend ensures your Curtains stay enticing the whole year, and the reg 150 usa color will never let you down, this vintage Priscilla Curtains set features 48 colorful ruffles and 81 thread count fabric panels. The set comes Attached to a Valance curtain rod, the Priscilla Curtains are top addition to each space and would be top for a special event or home deco project. This contemporary Priscilla lace Curtains With Attached Valance set is a valuable substitute for a modern home, With its vintage sears perma prest merchants, this set will last long in your home. The Valance is basic to order and it is worth the price for its high quality, the Curtains have high-quality ruffles and lace at each end of the valance. The Valance is Attached to the window by a few low-quality gold thread, the thread is white, but the threading is black. The gold thread is good for dainty details and the ruffles are-ish-ish, overall, sheer Priscilla Curtains 120" w x 45" l 2 panels lt blue rod pocket Attached is a top-of-the-line set for the modern home. If you're wanting for high-quality criss-cross Curtains With a modern look, we've got just the thing, the Valance Curtains are made of 100% breathable cotton and have a white Valance pocket in the center, for a stylish look. The Curtains are Attached Valance With a comfortable fit and are hope to last long With their high quality.